Evolving trends shed light on B2C marketing strategy

SG360° teamed up with Walker-Sands and a third-party survey firm to look at direct mail’s role in the modern marketing landscape, how it has affected consumer-brand relations, and what the future holds.  

In Q2, 2021, we surveyed:  

  • 400 B2C marketing leaders, learning what channels are working for them, how they use them, and what their immediate and near-term plans contain.
  • 1,000 consumers, asking questions around the effectiveness of the marketing communications directed at them.

The resulting insights, in the context of the pandemic’s trajectory, include the following trends:

  • Consumer’s growing negative relationship to digital marketing and how direct mail combats it
  • Which emerging digital channels are launching a new age for direct mail
  • The importance of making direct mail more relevant for consumers
  • Why younger generations are a huge asset to your direct mail programs 

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