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Ensure Your Message Hits the Mark

Capturing the attention of your non-profit donor base and inspiring action requires a deep understanding of your target audience and the ability to deliver your message in the right way, at the right time. We use sophisticated data analytics, strategic expertise and versatile in-house production capabilities to eliminate traditional direct mail challenges:

❌ Razor-thin timelines and missed deadlines

❌ Production errors and accuracy mistakes

❌ Costly inefficiencies caused by leveraging more than one company for full roll-outs and testing

  • Bring Your Mission to Life with SG360°

    Add new donors and increase existing contributions when you power your non-profit’s direct mail campaigns with SG360°. Rather than simply casting the widest net possible,  SG360° goes beyond segmentation to empower personalized outreach and drive hyper-targeted direct mail campaigns at scale.

    While you focus on telling the story behind your mission, we’ll focus on:

    • Understanding who your donors are and the best time to get in touch with them

    • Helping you determine the most effective appeal package for your needs

    • Reducing production cycle time and postage cost

    • Testing against your control and optimizing improvements for future cycles

About SG360°

SG360° has been delivering for our diverse client base for over 65 years. We’ve been a driving force in evolving direct mail from yesterday’s one-size-fits-all approach to today’s targeted, personalized communications vehicle that increases engagement and responses. Our mission is to help you achieve superior return on your marketing investments through every stage of the donor journey.

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