The Future of Direct Mail 2023

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The freshest direct mail research is now available from SG360°. Get the insights you need to strengthen your direct marketing performance and increase your ROI.

44 pages loaded with data and details you can use to fortify your end-of-year campaigns and formulate your 2024 strategies.

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Marketers Divulge Their Plans – and Pitfalls

The research takes a deep dive into marketers’ chosen channels, their direct mail response rates, and which tactics pose a red flag.

Maximum ROI

Are you truly maximizing your return on ad spend? See how even these seasoned marketers are leaving money on the table.

Preferred Channels

How are direct marketers planning to utilize their channel mix over the coming months – and are you keeping up?

Essential Resource

What’s the one core resource absolutely essential to direct marketing performance - and how do you ensure you have it?

Consumers Tell Us What They Want – and How You Can Deliver

Consumers reveal how they engage with direct mail, what actions they take across generations, and what improvements they’d like to see.

Positive Response

What surprising consumer group feels the most positive about direct mail – and do you know how to reach them?

Coveted Outreach

How can you improve your direct marketing outreach to coveted 25-39 year-olds? They told us how!

Untapped Prospects

Which audience provides an almost untapped goldmine of opportunity? And do you know the best ways to reach them?