On-Demand Webinar

Driving B2C E-commerce Growth with Direct Mail 

Learn from SG360° and SeQuel Response on an insightful look at, and solution to, one of the biggest challenges B2C e-commerce marketers face today; growing sales in a digitally overloaded environment.  

We will address the increasingly ineffective landscape of digital-only marketing, demonstrating: 

  • The need for brands to diversify marketing efforts    
  • How to extend your marketing reach by leveraging your CRM  
  • How direct mail drives e-commerce growth
  • How to leverage data for hyper-targeting to those most likely to buy   

Plus, see real-life case studies using these tactics.  

Your speakers

Melanie De Caprio,
VP, Marketing

Luke Heffron

Jacqueline Johnson-Leister, 
VP, Marketing & Client Services 
SeQuel Response